Do you have an interest in joining our community as a member?

Great! Then you have come to the right place.

Joining us is a simple process, our community is open to everyone regardless of experience and age.

**Please note that aerosoar isn't currently taking applications as the airline is still in development we will announce on the home page more details in due course**


Download Discord Client Here

Join and connect our discord server 

Basic knowledge of how to operate a propeller aircraft (Training can be provided on request to get you to a basic understanding)

Five hours of events flying online.


Step 1.

Visit the Discord website and download the client here

(If you already have it installed great, go to step 2)


Step 2.

Join the Visual Hub community server by connecting the widget above.


Step 3.

Familiarise yourself with the server and feel at home!

Step 4.

Visit the #become-a-member channel in the welcome section of the discord, and if you feel ready to start your membership application put #Ready and press enter to submit.

Step 5.

A staff member will contact you to confirm your membership is pending.

Step 6.

Spend time with the community, get involved and you will gain membership in no time at all! remember VFHUB is all about having fun.