All event signups are now done via our website. simply go to the events list, click the event you want to participate in and follow the on screen instructions.

All event sign ups have to be processed on discord.

At the #online-event-signup channel you can join.

Please Join before our discord server at the Widget right here 


Upcoming Events

  • Supreme Event #5 Baltics & Scandinavia
    29 Aug, 15:00 UTC – 30 Sep, 21:00 UTC
    Signup for our Supreme Event and be in with a chance to win 20€ Amazon voucher!
  • Grand Rapid Saturday Event 28-08-2021 18:30z
    VFHUB / MSFS2020 Northern Europe server
    28 Aug, 18:20 – 20:00 UTC
    VFHUB / MSFS2020 Northern Europe server
    Join us for our weekend event. 110nm, Visit the Grand rapid river, the beautiful tulip city Holland of Michigan Lake and much more
  • Sunday Picnic Event - 22.08.21 17:00z -
    Sunday Picnic event online
    22 Aug, 17:00 – 20:20
    Sunday Picnic event online
    Join us for an event of fun and countryside scenery, as we take to the skies and head out for a Sunday picnic! You can find all of the event files on our discord server.