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Visual flight cLUB (vfr)



Welcome to the Visual Flight Club which is the VFR/BUSH flying section of the VFHUB. We have been active in the MSFS community since the simulator launched and we have been growing from strength to strength. We are a “family-feel” community of worldwide real life pilots and enthusiast! VFhub provides a variety of different flying options and opportunities to meet each member’s needs.
With a sustainable growth plan in place throughout 2021, it could not be a better time to climb aboard and see exactly what we have to offer. VFhub is committed to providing a “Quality over Quantity” approach. Events are held primarily on weekends, and sometimes during the weekdays, with both UTC and EST time zone options!

What Visual Flight Hub offers:
-Great place to make friends, be part of a family, and explore the massive virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

-VFR Flying club which offers a range of activities from VFR Flying, Themed Events, Exploration Events, Bush trips, Vatsim, Solo events, and much much more

-Supreme Events which are over 800nm long with 14+ different airports to visit across a range of different countries and terrain making for a thrilling adventure

-Aerosoar Virtual Airline, a new upcoming development for 2021. Aerosoar will provide IFR options for our community with hubs in both Europe and North America. This will also include Vatsim options

-Member of the month awards, Screenshot/Video diary rewards, plenty of prizes (Amazon, Google play and Discord Nitro Gift cards/Awards) Competitions, Discount off selected MSFS2020 Addon-Software

-Quarterly feedback sessions with members so we can put idea’s into action

Feel free to join our discord server which you can find below or on the join us/contact page.

Head over to our Events page and see whats happening this month!

Aerosoar is the latest edition to the VFHUB and is currently under development.


Beta testing is currently in process we expect the Beta testing of Acars, Website, and routes to be complete by Febuary/March 2021. This will follow with the opening of regional routes in both EGKK & KATL


National routes will be rolled out if the regional Beta/Alpha test is a success without any major problems, we can expect Phase two to go live towards the end of June/July


Both Hubs (EGKK & KATL) Will open and International routes will be rolled out in the Autum of 2021.


We plan for the airline to be sustainable and fully operational by January 2022.

Website upgrade plans 

Minor website upgrades are now taking place, please bare with us why we try to get everything functioning. If you run into any issues please contact us via the feedback channel on our Discord.

Major website upgrades are in place to happen in Spring 2021.

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Discord runs at the heart of our community, how we communicate everyday, where we hold our events and competitions. You will require discord if you wish to join the VFHUB community. More details on how to download discord, our server information and how to join can be found at the Join us page.


We often hold many events for our members to engage in. Our events range from Online VFR flying, IFR flying, Bush flying, Vatsim and much much more. We do have solo events for single player use however our community is very focused on online flying as this seems to be a bigger concept with the new MSFS game.

You can find information on all upcoming events and how to participate on our events page.

Discover all events


We hope you find the information on our website useful and if you need to contact us for any reason, please feel free to do so. All our contact information is on the contact page of this website or you can contact an admin or community owner via Discord.


Visual Flight Hub.

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